Ray, Jen, and Mays Egg Hunt

In a cosy den, lived Ray, Jen, and their hen, May. One day, May laid an egg, but it rolled away. Ray and Jen began to play, a game of hide and seek with the egg in the hay. "Stay," said Ray to May. "We'll find your egg today." They looked in the pen, then in the glen. They checked the bay, but the egg wasn't on display. "May, don't fret," comforted Jen, "we won't give up yet." In the end, amidst the clay, there lay the egg, lost but okay. Ray and Jen began to sway, their joy lighting up the day. "Happy Easter, May!" they say, presenting her the found egg on a tray. Their love for May, stronger than any fray, shone brighter than the sun's ray.

Answer these questions:

1. What is the name of the hen in the story? 2. Where did May lay an egg? 3. What did Ray and Jen play with the egg in? 4. Where was the egg finally found? 5. How did Ray and Jen feel when they found the egg?

On one side, write the words ending with ay and the other side, write the words ending with en

ay en

Write a story of your own called 'Ray, Jen, and Mays Egg Hunt'