Welcome to Moyne

Moyne, in County Mayo, is a special place filled with rich stories from the past. It's like a fairytale land where history comes alive!

Long, long ago, Moyne was home to monks. These were very religious men who lived simple lives. They built an Abbey in Moyne, which is like a big, grand church. This Abbey is still there today, standing tall after hundreds of years. If you visit, you can imagine the monks walking around, reading books, and telling stories.

The most exciting story from Moyne is about the pirate queen, Gráinne Mhaol. She was a brave and fierce lady who ruled the seas around Mayo. Legend says she visited Moyne Abbey. Can you imagine a pirate queen in a peaceful Abbey? That must have been quite a sight!

Today, Moyne is a peaceful place with beautiful landscapes. It's fun to walk around and imagine how it was in the old times. History is like a magical storybook, and places like Moyne help us turn the pages!

  1. Who used to live in Moyne long, long ago?
  2. What did the monks build in Moyne?
  3. What is the story about Gráinne Mhaol?
  4. How do you think the monks might have felt when Gráinne Mhaol visited the Abbey?
  5. If you could visit Moyne, what is one thing you would like to see or do? Why?

All About Moyne

Moyne, in County Mayo, is a wonderful place full of exciting things to explore. It's like a big outdoor classroom! One of the most important landmarks is the Moyne Abbey. It's a really old building that monks used to live in hundreds of years ago. It's not just history that's interesting in Moyne, the nature is amazing too!

The area is known for its lush green fields where sheep and cows graze. You might also spot some Irish hares hopping around. There are also lots of birds to watch. Some of them even come all the way from Africa to spend the summer in Moyne!

There's a beautiful river called the Moyne River. It's a perfect place to play on a sunny day, but always remember to be safe near water! The river is home to fishes, and if you're lucky, you might see an otter or two.

The roads in Moyne are mostly country lanes, great for a bicycle ride. You'll notice lots of stone walls along these roads. They're a common sight in Ireland and are part of our history.

So, whether you're looking at old buildings, watching animals, or enjoying the river, Moyne in County Mayo is a fantastic place to learn and have fun!.

  1. Can you name one of the animals that you could possibly see in Moyne?
  2. What is the name of the river in Moyne and what animals can you find there?
  3. Why are the stone walls along the roads in Moyne significant?
  4. Using a map, can you identify any other geographical features in Moyne?
  5. Plan a visit to Moyne. What geographical feature or place would you like to explore and why?

My Family and Moyne

Hi, I'm Harper! I just turned 8 and I live in Moyne, Co. Mayo. Moyne is such a cool place, you know! It's in the west of Ireland and there's so much greenery around. I love to play in the fields and chase after the sheep!

One thing I love about Moyne is our abbey, it's called Moyne Abbey. It’s very old and a bit spooky, but I think it's awesome. It's all crumbly and big. Sometimes, my friends and I play hide and seek there. It's super fun!

There's also this place called Enniscoe House near where I live. It's a very big house with a huge, beautiful garden. I like to go there with my family for picnics. We also go fishing at the lake there.

Another cool place near Moyne is the Ceide Fields. They’re really old, even older than my granny! They have lots of ancient stuff. It's like going back in time!

I think Moyne is the best place to grow up in. There's so much to see and do. I can't wait to explore more of Moyne as I grow up.

  1. What is Harper's favorite game to play at Moyne Abbey?
  2. Where does Harper like to go for picnics with their family?
  3. What does Harper like to do at the lake at Enniscoe House?
  4. How does Harper feel about the Ceide Fields?
  5. What is Harper looking forward to as they grow up in Moyne?

The Logainm of Moyne

Moyne is an exciting place in Co. Mayo, Ireland. Its name comes from the Irish word 'Maighin', which means 'little plain'. This name tells us that Moyne was once a small flat area, maybe with lush green grass and flowers. Isn't that cool?

Over the years, Moyne has seen a lot of things. It has watched the people live, grow and change. It has seen the seasons come and go. It's like an old friend who has many stories to tell. If only we could listen!

Today, Moyne is not a 'little plain' anymore. It has grown into a beautiful town. But, it still holds onto its history. The name Moyne reminds us of its past. It's like a special secret only we know, and it makes Moyne extra special.

  1. Can you remember what 'Maighin', the Irish name for Moyne, means in English?
  2. Why do you think it's important to remember the original meaning of place names like Moyne?
  3. How do you think Moyne might have changed over the years?
  4. Why do you think Moyne is special because of its name?
  5. What could be some of the stories that Moyne has seen over the years?

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