Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East with many interesting geographical features. It has beautiful mountains, including the famous Mount Lebanon, which is covered in snow during the winter. The country also has a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, where you can find sandy beaches and enjoy swimming and playing in the water.

In addition to mountains and beaches, Lebanon also has valleys and rivers. The Bekaa Valley is a fertile area where farmers grow fruits and vegetables, while the Litani River flows through the country, providing water for irrigation and drinking.

One unique feature of Lebanon is the Cedars of God forest, which is home to ancient cedar trees that are considered a symbol of the country. These trees are very important to the people of Lebanon and can be found in the mountains.

Overall, Lebanon is a diverse and beautiful country with a variety of geographical features that make it a special place to explore and learn about.

  1. What are some geographical features of Lebanon?
  2. Describe the importance of the Cedars of God forest in Lebanon.
  3. Where can you find sandy beaches in Lebanon?
  4. How does the Litani River contribute to the country?
  5. Why is Mount Lebanon famous?

A Visit to Beirut

Hi, I'm Daisy and I'm 8 years old. I recently went on a super cool trip to the city of Beirut in Lebanon! It was so exciting and different from my hometown. One of the places we visited was the Pigeon Rocks, which are these huge rock formations in the sea. They were so amazing to see up close!

  1. What is the name of the child in the blog post?
  2. How old is Daisy?
  3. Where did Daisy visit in Beirut?
  4. What are the Pigeon Rocks?
  5. Why did Daisy find the Pigeon Rocks amazing?

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After learning all about Lebanon, how about creating a guide for a tourist thinking about visiting? You should include a number of landmarks or tourist attractions they should visit. You could also find them accommodation and restaurants. You might design an itinerary on an online mapping site with directions to each place. Be inventive and see what you can produce!
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