News Story from: Fri, 05 January 2024 | Contains information about the increase in mental health presentations related to cocaine and synthetic cannabinoids, concerns about synthetic cannabis in jelly form and vapes, hospitalizations due to vaping a substance containing hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), the risks of vaping for young people, the legality of HHC in Ireland, the presence of synthetic cannabinoids in cannabis-infused jellies, the importance of parents talking to their children about these drugs, issues with high-dose cocaine and ketamine at a festival, the emergence of new drugs like fluromethamphetamine, and the presence of toxic doses of MDMA at festivals.

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1. Mental health services
2. Cocaine use
3. Synthetic cannabinoids
4. Synthetic cannabis
5. Jelly form
6. Vapes
7. Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)
8. National Poisons Information Centre
9. Legalization of HHC
10. Department of Health
11. Cannabis-infused jellies
12. Drug education
13. High-dose cocaine
14. Ketamine
15. Electric Picnic festival
16. Fluromethamphetamine
17. Pink cocaine
18. High-strength MDMA
19. Toxic doses
20. Festival drugs

These tags will help users find relevant content related to mental health services, drug use, and the specific substances mentioned in the text.

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