News Story from: Thu, 18 January 2024 | Contains information about a large strike in Northern Ireland, disruptions to public services and travel, and demands for higher wages.

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Post Tags: WordPress tags are used to categorize and organize content. Based on the given text, here are some suitable tags for a WordPress post:

1. Strike
2. Northern Ireland
3. Public sector
4. Workers
5. Industrial action
6. Trade unions
7. Wages
8. Pay increases
9. Pay parity
10. Pickets
11. Rallies
12. Public services
13. Travel disruptions
14. Freezing temperatures
15. Gritting of roads
16. Bus services
17. Rail services
18. School closures
19. Northern Assembly
20. DUP
21. Post-Brexit trading rules
22. £3.3 billion package
23. Public pay

These tags will help users find the post when searching for topics related to the strike, its impact on public services, worker demands, disruptions caused, and the political context of the strike.

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