Contains: The article discusses the word “rizz,” which is colloquial slang. It is defined as meaning “style, charm, or attractiveness” and also conveys the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner. The word was chosen as the word of the year by Oxford University Press. The article mentions that the word reflects the impact of Gen Z and how younger generations create and define their own language. It also mentions other previous words of the year, such as “vax” and “selfie.” The article concludes by stating that “rizz” has gained popularity on social media and highlights how the internet can quickly spread language trends.

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Post Tags: wordpress, post, word of the year, 2023, rizz, Oxford University Press, style, charm, attractiveness, language change, word formation, Tom Holland, Spider-Man, interview, public choice, goblin mode, unapologetically lazy, greedy, vax, climate emergency, selfie, social media, internet, new words, popularity, language change
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